Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Spells

I absolutely adored this book. Whenever I sat down to read it, I felt so relaxed and transported into a magical world. Beautiful feeling. The tone and atmosphere is kind of a cross between Alice Hoffman and Joanne Harris - lots of food and culinary magic. I love that kind of thing and wish I knew more about it myself.

The story is about two sisters in a small southern town, trying to overcome their fears and find happiness. The storyline is actually very simple, I guess it's the style that makes the book special. I was worried that it would be too much like Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic, but the similarities in the two stories didn't bother me at all.

What I love about such everyday magic books is the underlying commentary on human nature - to use food to influence people you have to understand how people work. That psychological aspect really appeals to me, even if it is a tad simplified.

The story also deals with the 'gifts' that your family leaves you - what happens if you don't want to be a part of the legacy?

Plus, the cover is so so so very beautiful. It has glitter! What more is there to say? ;-)

Challenges: Southern Reading Challenge, Chick Lit 2, Romance Reading Challenge


Scrap girl said...

Glad to hear you loved it. You must read The Sugar Queen next as that is just as fabulous - different but fabulous!

Nymeth said...

This really does sound like a lovely book :)

Iliana said...

I'm hoping to finish up my Southern reading challenge with this one. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And, that is a pretty cover you had!

Kailana said...

I need to read this book. It sounds like something I will really enjoy.

joanna said...

Scrap girl - ooh yay, I was hoping that The Sugar Queen would also be good!

Nymeth - it does have destiny messages similar to Practical Magic, so I'd be curious to see if you like it! :-)

Iliana - I LOVED the cover - I kept caressing it each time I picked the book up. That's not normal is it? ;-)

Kailana - I hope you do enjoy it, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Marg said...

I really loved this book and The Sugar Queen. Cant wait for the next book!