Monday, June 4, 2012

Thoughts on going back to work

Yep, that's right, today is my first day back at work following 6 weeks off due to burn out. How does it feel? Well, I'd rather be cycling in the park or reading a book on my couch, but it isn't so bad. What makes it good, even, is that I'm sure that this is the slow start of the next phase of my working life. Somewhere near is the job that is perfect for me at this point in time and I know that we are slowly moving towards each other. It's going to be great, whatever it is!

I haven't been doing much blogging while I was off, mostly because I wanted to limit my time at the computer, I spend enough time in front of a screen when I'm working. But I have been reading and will hopefully post thoughts on these books over the next days and weeks.

I started a new book today - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I didn't get very far though because the achingly descriptive part about foot binding made me cry and actually made me feel faint and nauseous. Talk about a strong reaction! I'll give the book another shot later, I really do want to read it!