Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I loved this story as a child, although reading it as an adult I'm not quite sure that I actually read the whole thing. I vaguely recall having a beautifully illustrated edition so perhaps I skimmed and mostly looked at the pictures.

In any case, I kind of knew the story of course, but I didn't realise how differently I would take it now. Lewis Carroll's imagination is increadible - he creates a wondrous world for Alice to visit, with interesting creatures and cards to are alive and the ability to change one's size. I love the way this little book is written, almost in a stream-of-consciousness way, as if the author just wrote about whatever the previous section reminded him of.

I also loved the word plays - I laughed out loud many times.

A charming book. I'd like to read Through the Looking Glass too, which I'm sure I've never read. If you're interested, the stories about Carroll and the really Alice are very interesting too. Although the bios I found make no mention of the hallucogenics that he must have been on to create this story!

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Ana S. said...

I loved the word play too! This is such a great of my favourite classics. And I loved Through the Looking Glass too.

Jo said...

I loved this as achild but I never read Through the Looking Glass. lewis carrol was mentioned in a programme I watched last night about the victorians which suggested he was taking opium. It was quite light hearted though so don't know how seriously to take it! Lol.

joanna said...

Nymeth - I've heard mixed things about Through the Looking Glass, but since you liked it I'll make sure to get it soon.

Jo - He must have been taking something, I think! I believe it was fairly common for writers and intellectuals to take opium or other drugs at that time, so I wouldn't be too shocked!