Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd

When Nymeth reviewed this short story collection, edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castelucci, I was so intrigued that I immediately went on Amazon and ordered it. Now, I never do this, because I have such a long list of books to buy that the latest interesting one I hear about just gets added to the bottom of the list. Then when the book arrived I did another unthinkable thing - I actually started reading it straight away! No being put on the TBR shelf, no being added to a challenge of some kind, no forgetting about it.

I'm glad I read it straight away, because I loved it. Geeks rule. Smart people rock. All these stories had such fantastic characters that made me want to re-write my own high school past and wish I'd been a proper geek. But alas, I was too busy trying to fit in and only came into my geekness later in life. It's still considered uncool. :-)

Geektastic has Trekkies, comic book geeks, literature geeks, gaming geeks and two of my favorite sorts - Buffy geeks and science geeks. I'm a total Buffy geek and kind of a science geek myself so those I can relate to. I also felt some connection with the gaming geeks, even though I've never played any of these alternate reality or fantasy games. I've been dying to try World of Warcraft, but I get addicted to these things so fast and I don't want to be addicted so... I haven't tried it.

Anyway. If you're a geek of any kind, you must read this story collection, I'm sure you'll find yourself in it somewhere. Not to mention that you'll discover some great authors - I know that quite a few of the authors included are going straight onto my wishlist. Sigh.

Challenges: Umm, none!


Kailana said...

I really want this. I think I am going to have to buy it...

Ana S. said...

I'm glad you had as much fun reading this as I did :D

joanna said...

Kailana - you'd like it for sure!

Nymeth - I sure did! :-)