Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

For most of this book, I was completely creeped out. And disturbed. In a Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, why-can't-you-just-figure-out-what's-going-on kind of way. Then I remembered that I forgave first one, on the grounds that a little boy can't possibly guess the horrors that go on in the world around him. I suppose I need to apply the same logic to Niccolo Ammaniti's I'm Not Scared. Though for some reason I don't want to.

Childhood innocence is a strange thing. You explain everything you see in your world with familiar and comfortable arguments. Oh and your parents are infallible. You might not always think they're fair, but you don't even entertain the thought of them doing something truly horrible. This is what I'm Not Scared deals with and I admit that it does it well.

But it doesn't change the fact that I was creeped out. The book is worth reading, that's for sure, but be warned that it's not relaxing Sunday afternoon reading.

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Kailana said...

This sounds interesting, but I am getting a bit tired of children narrators. Probably best to wait until that passes before looking into this book!

joanna said...

I seem to be into them at the moment - I guess I'm in need of looking at the world in a simpler way!

Eva said...

I loved this one for its creepiness factor! And Ammaniti's writing just blew me away. :)

joanna said...

Eva - yes, it sure was creepy!