Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Yes, that's right, by Alicia Silverstone. I didn't know she had a book out either, but there you go.

This is a book about veganism, really. About how to eat great and treat your body and the planet in a kind way. Even though I have no interest in becoming vegan, I wanted to explore some of the ideas and benefit from some of the recipes. Which are great, by the way. I already made the Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew and all three of us enjoyed it immensely. Yum.

I liked the way Alicia explained what certain foods do to your body and what their production does to the planet. The tone is upbeat, without being pushy, which was appreciated. She presents three levels of changes, the first of which is just 'flirting' so that you can try out some different things with food and not get hung up on labels.

It took me longer than expected to read this, because sometimes I couldn't stand the peppy attitude for a second longer. :-) But all in all it's a good one to read if you're interested in nutrition.

I would never have read this book if my friend Larissa hadn't mentioned it to me and introduced tahini into my life. Larissa has now joined the world of book bloggers and she reads some great stuff (plus she's a really cool person) so make sure you go visit her!


Kristi said...

This sounds really interesting. I like the idea of a book discussing nutrition without making you feel guilty. I prefer to take baby steps towards goals and not try to totally revamp my diet all at once.

I can see how the too peppyness might get a little irritating after a while though. ;)

Thanks for sharing about Larissa's blog. I've already gone and checked it out.

Melody said...

I've this book in my pile but just haven't got around to it. Need to move it up my pile! ;)

Larissa said...

Thanks Joanna!