Saturday, October 15, 2011

Irish music, Ethiopian food and Hello Dolly

I've seen many bloggers - including, Trish, Kailana and Erin, who are among my favorites, keep track of their goals, their progress and their moods through weekly updates.  I love reading them and it looks like they come in useful. They must put things in perspective a bit, which is definitely something I can often use. I'll think I'll try adding this weekly feature each weekend.

So what happened during this past week?
  • I had two Hello Dolly rehearsals, which I tried to enjoy though I was sooo tired from my week in London. We did a lot of the choreography which I love. Rehearsals are becoming more intense and more frequent now, Sunday rehearsals start this weekend. Show's on in the third week of November, so soon!
  • I went to a birthday dinner for one of my best friends. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant - has anyone else been to one? The food is served on big sharing platters and you eat with your hands, by scooping the food with pancakes. I imagined that the food would be more hand-friendly, but it's things like spinach in a sauce or minced beef in a sauce so quite difficult to eat without a fork. The flavors were nice enough, but I gotta say that I didn't enjoy eating with my hands. How closed-minded of me!!
  • We went to a concert by traditional Irish band Altan, who by some sort of fluke of the universe happened to be playing in our local, small cultural center. I'm glad they agreed to the gig, it was fantastic.
  • Work has been pretty crazy, but that's a given by now.  No point dwelling on it over the weekend anyway!
  • I got my wisdom tooth pulled and my cheek is now swollen and bruised. :-(
  • I've been reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I'm finding it enjoyable but not gripping. I wanted gripping.
And looking forward to next week:
  • Two more Hello, Dolly rehearsals! I really need to learn my lines now...
  • Joe has an evening rehearsal with his band Shantalla, so I'll be able to spend an evening with a book or a movie... Hmmm, I wonder if I can rent Something Borrowed yet!
  • I'll continue with A Discovery of Witches, but I'll also try to make some progress with Gigi by Colette, which I'm reading for the challenge I'm doing with Alex from The Sleepless Reader.
I'll leave you with the promotional video for Shantalla's new CD, Turas, which means 'journey' in the Gaelic language - hope you like it!

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Heather said...

I knew you would be daring. Eating saucy food with your hands, I haven't done that. Will have to try Ethiopian food one time. Next time you are with friends and there is a marshmallow salad, I suspect that you will give it at least a little taste.