Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy books?

I've been pretty miserable lately and I figured out that I've been thinking too much about some of the more miserable (read: powerful) books I've read lately. Does anyone have any recommendations for books that are happy and uplifting, but not trash? Thanks!


Lezlie said...

Read "The Wind In The Willows" by Kenneth Graham. I walked around with a goofy grin for a couple of days after that one! Or "Lamb" by Christopher Moore if you want something just plain silly. He always makes me laugh! And how can you not love a book whose subtitle is "The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal"? :-)

Smile, girlfriend!

joanna said...

Hey thanks Lezlie, those all sound like exactly what I need! I'm finding that I let other people (real or fictional) and their emotions affect me too much so I have to make sure to add some humor to my reading!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

I really enjoyed The History of Love by Nicole Krauss...it is a very interesting intertwined story. I loved it.

I'll try to think of more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Iliana said...

Sometimes a good comfort book will do wonders right? I highly recommend The Enchanted April or Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
Hope you feel better!

Paula Weston said...


I know what you mean about the need to bring some sunshine into your reading from time to time!

I thoroughly recommend Alexander McCall Smith's "Number One Ladies Detective Agency" series if you haven't read them (one or more of them - first three are the best, I think).

It's a lovely series about a very logical woman in Botswana who becomes a detective (solving simple cases such as missing pets and stolen cars). Definitely not in the crime genre!

Smith captures the wonderful spirit of Botswana and it's people through these simple and well told stories (and the books are quite short!) I smiled a lot when reading the first one.

joanna said...

bethany - I read The History of Love and found it really sad!!!

Iliana - thanks, those are new to me.

Paula - thanks, i forgot about those actually and I'm sure i only read two or three. Good idea!

Kucki68 said...

Rita Mae Brown's Six of One and Laura Petersen's Beginner's Luck are both books that cheer me up when I am down, so give them a look see.

joanna said...

kucki - thanks, i'd never heard of those!