Friday, April 25, 2008

The Xmas Factor

I got this Annie Sanders audiobook because I needed an X title for the A-Z Challenge and I have no interest in reading X-men comics! I think next year I'll need to cheat that entry a tad...

It wasn't groundbreaking or anything but I did enjoy listening to The Xmas Factor. The story has several subplots, each with its own twists, so things don't get boring. You have a woman recently married to a widowed man trying to live up to his first wife when it comes to organising her first Christmas with her new husband and his grown-up children. You have a magazine editor and single mom, constantly feeling guilty for not spending enough time with her son, who wants to have a perfect Christmas with her little boy. You have the spoiled young woman whose life suddenly changes and she is forced to grow up quickly. And everything ties up neatly in the end.

The book is very English and the narrator, Kim Hicks, is also very English. This really adds to the experience. In fact, I thought that Kim Hicks was fantastic - she changes her voice for the different characters and really makes them come to life.

A C+ book - definitely a good X-title choice!

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