Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bridges of Madison County

Based on some letters and interviews, Robert James Waller tells the true story of Francesca and Robert - a love story that spans a large portion of their lifetime. It is beautiful. Francesca and Robert's love is based on four days together - it couldn't have been more because of Francesca's family commitments. But despite this their love wasn't any weaker, it survived.

It's such a simple story really and, when you really think about it, feelings of love are also simple. And yet there is a complexity to this book, something that the reader almost can't grasp.
I really liked that Francesca's kids could see the beauty of that part of their mother's life.

I liked it in general. And it's making me think about some of the things I complain about in my relationship. And about how lucky I am to be able to actually live with the man I love when life is capable of throwing so many complications in the way.

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