Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Naming Conventions Challenge

The creative idea for this challenge makes it impossible to pass on it, so I'm in. Maria from Reading My Way Through Life is the girl behind it - go check out her blog and the detailed challenge rules!

For here, I'll just say that the challenge would be different for everyone, depending on their first name. My name is Joanna, which has 6 letters, so the challenge lasts 6 months - starting on 1 September so until 1 March 2009. As for the list, for each letter of my name I have to choose a book whose author's last name begins with that letter, whose author's first name does and/or a book with a title beginning with that letter. I'm going to do all 3 options, just because it's fun!
Completed: 10/18 as of 1 March 2009 :-(

Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Nick Hornby - How to be Good
Anna Gavalda - Hunting and Gathering

Jackson, Joshilyn - Gods in Alabama
Orwell, George - 1984
Ahern, Cecilia - P.S. I Love You
Napoli, Donna Jo - Zel
Nemirovsky, Irene - Suite Francaise
Atwood, Margaret - The Blind Assassin

Just Listen - Sarah Dessen
On Beauty - Zadie Smith
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
No Future for You by Joss Whedon and Brian K. Vaughn
Notes on a Scandal - Zoƫ Heller
Alas, Babylon - Pat Frank


Maria said...

Welcome to the challenge! I'm glad you wanted to join in.

You have a lot of excellent books coming up :) I've read several of the books on your list and loved them.

joanna said...

Thanks Maria!