Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Motherhood, reading notes and a possible early birthday present

Motherhood is wearing me out. Little S is amazing, his sunny personality is really coming through, he seems to already have a sense of humor and he's incredibly cute. But he has soooooo much energy and I don't. He wakes up so early, at around 5 am and I'm just not functional at that hour. Plus he's been testing out his lung strength. Constantly. I'm surprised that I have the brain power to read The Odyssey on my commute to work.

I'm really behind on my reviewing... I haven't even reviewed what I read for the Read-a-thon! One of the books I read was Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, which I absolutely loved. The story is amazing! As is the fact that all three books in the trilogy were total pageturners, usually at least one is weaker than the others. I know that some people didn't like the introspective aspect of Mockingjay, but it worked for me. I thought that it was a perfect state to be in following all that happened. I'd need some recovery/introspection time too. I was satisfied with the ending too. Maybe it didn't have that 'happily ever after' touch to it, which made it more realistic. That melancholy tone added an extra layer to the story, I thought.

There, can that count as my review?

My kindle is in the house! Joe ordered it early so that it would get here in time for my birthday in December and now it's way early! It's sitting in the spare room in its amazon box. And mocking me. I think it's cruel not let me have it, don't you? I mean it's RIGHT THERE. I'm negotiating with Joe, last year's present was late so I think it's only fair that this year's is early. Right? ;-)


Ana S. said...

Yes, this counts as your review ;) It sounds like you just need to take it easy for a while!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I did a bunch of mini-reviews one night when I couldn't sleep and it was nice just to have them done. So yes, count it.

I get really frustrated right now with the lack of "me" time that I have--with demanding work and a demanding husband. I fear for the future. But, I always remind myself that I can only do what I can do and it's not worth getting upset over. (not that you're getting upset...just me talking). ;)

And yes, I think Joe should listen to your logic!!

Melody said...

Definitely counts as a review IMO. ;)

My 2-yr-old just doesn't want to sleep when I put her to bed every night and it takes me some time to coax her to sleep. Very tiring!

That's wonderful that your present arrives early!!

joanna said...

Nymeth - maybe, yes, reviewing is becoming a chore!

Trish - I think I'll do that, a post of mini-reviews to catch up... If you value 'me' time as much as I do then think about fitting it in once the baby is here.... That's what I did, I consciously scheduled it in, and I still do, otherwise I'd lose it.

Melody - mine goes to bed willingly, just wakes up early! I guess he'll make up for that when he's a teen and won't want to get up at all. ;-)