Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly Geeks #1

I signed up to be a Weekly Geek. I found out about the opportunity via a really funny post at a Tiny Little Reading Room, which led me to Dewey, other Weekly Geeks and a chocolate monkey. Yes, that's right, a chocolate monkey!

In other (less cryptic) words, I joined Dewey's new blogging event. Every week will bring a different theme - if you are so inclined, you can blog about this theme. For full details, go here.

The first one is about getting to know other participants - it's Discover New Blogs Week! Still being a newbie, I had no problem finding five blogs that are new to me among the participants - cue drumroll, introducing:

Marg and her Reading Adventures - she has a lovely photo as her header, seems to also be a challenge addict and I already found several books that sounded good from her comments.

Heather and her Book Addiction - the first thing I saw on there today was Harriet the Spy. Cool! Plus, judging by her post on Herding Cats, we share some favorite books!

Natacha from Maw Books - who is celebrating 100 posts and is thrilled at how popular her giveaway is! And I just really like the look of her blog.

Somer from SomeReads - who loved Neil Gaiman's Stardust as much as I did! I'm looking forward to her other reviews.

Reader Rabbit - actually two sisters blogging together - I think that's really cool! They have some interesting-looking YA literature on there and I'd like to read more YA.

This makes five, but there are loads more so off I go, exploring...


Maw Books said...

Thanks Joanna! I look forward to exploring your blog some more! And don't hesitate to leave some comments to enter into my giveaway!

joanna said...

Hi there,
I thought I saw that your giveaway isn't international - don't worry though, I'll still drop by regularly and explore!

Marg said...

Thanks for the link love! I'm glad you found some things to interest you on my blog!

tinylittlelibrarian said...

Thanks for visiting, glad you liked my post. :)