Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crow Lake

Mary Lawson's book is the story of a family that had to deal with tragedy and loss. The older brothers decide to care for their younger sisters rather than have the family split. They manage but life gets in the way of certain plans and things don't end up exactly as planned.

Although I liked many of the themes in this book, I must say that it was good, but I wasn't riveted all the time. I guess this is what happens when you hear too much hype - everything I heard about Crow Lake had been not only good, but fantastic. I admit that it was beautifully written though!

It was certainly thought-provoking. To me personally, it really spoke about how you can never presume if another person is happy with their life or not. We shouldn't presume, period. What a good lesson to learn!

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Kathy Ashby said...

Kathy Ashby
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