Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks #9: Challenges

I haven't participated in this for quite some time, but I'm able to fit this in since this edition lasts for 2 whole weeks because Dewey has been busy with the 24-hour Read-A-Thon (wow, by the way, I'm very impressed with that!).

I've been really busy lately, looking for a new job (found one) plus on holiday last week - which means I read a lot, which is good. My challenge list is growing steadily, but I completed quite a few as well, so I'm feeling optimistic. I hope to do fairly well in the end! :-)

This week's topic is challenges and we are asked to get organised, update lists, catch up on posts, etc. For the full description, go to Dewey's post.

Right, so these are the challenges I'm participating in:

Banned Books Challenge
Numbers Challenge
Eponymous Challenge
Novella Challenge
Once Upon A Time Challenge (done, although with only one book!)
Spring Reading Challenge
Title Master Reading Challenge

In Progress:

8 months left (till end February '09):
1% Well-Read Challenge - 3/10 done

6 months left (till end of '08):
100+ Reading Challenge - 41/100
888 Challenge - 20/56
A-Z Challenge - 27/52
Chunkster Challenge - 3/4
Decades '08 - 4/8
Man Booker Challenge - 1/6 (yikes again!)
Mythopoeic Challenge - 2/7 (hmmm...)
Orbis Terrarum - 3/9

5 months left (till end November '08):
342,745 ways to herd cats - 0/3
Initials Reading Challenge - 2/5

4 months left (till end October '08):
10 out of 100 out of 1001 - 4/10 done

3 months left (till end September '08):
Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - 1/6 (yikes, not looking good!)
Non-Fiction Five - 1/5

2 months left (till end August '08):
Chick Lit Challenge - 1/3
Southern Reading Challenge - 2/3 (ends 15 August actually)

Starting soon:
Classics Challenge (starts 1 July)
Book Awards II (starts 1 August)

and a few others that I'm just getting ready to post about...

Whew. Organising this is actually quite informative! :-)


Lezlie said...

Wow! You're doing great! :-)

joanna said...

Thanks! I don't think I'll get through 100 books, but I hope to be close!