Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pawing through the past

I didn't read the back of Pawing through the Past by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown carefully enough or I would have noticed that Sneaky Pie Brown is a cat. And that cats are central to solving the mystery. Hmm, not usually my sort of thing, but since I was moving house (this is why I was missing in action for a week or so) I wanted something REALLY simple yet engaging to read in between packing and cleaning.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised about how the whole cat angle was handled. The animals communicated with each other and understood what the humans were saying, but the humans didn't understand the animals. Interesting. It was actulally quite cute and cleverly managed and whereas I won't be rushing out to get more in the series, I'd be happy to read another one if I happen upon it somewhere.

A short review only as my time is still limited! I don't know how much reading I'll manage to get done till the end of the month, but I don't think it will be a lot! So many boxes to unpack!!!

Challenges: What an animal, Suspense and Thriller, Genre Challenge


Ana S. said...

Not sure if this is my kind of book, but *waves* good to hear from you! I hope the move's going well.

joanna said...

Hi Nymeth! It went well, but we're far from done... My parents are coming to help for a week so I'll be on holiday, which means no internet access for a week again!! See you after that! :-)