Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Challenges

Well, the time has come to sign up for a few of this year's challenges... I am tempted by so many but am trying very hard to resist most of them - last year I signed up for pretty much everything going and completed 50% of what I signed up for, but this year will be very different...

Last year was a year of hospitals and medical leave and therefore lots of reading time. This year is the year of our new baby and I can't realistically expect to read as much. Or to react as well to pressure. :-) So I'm trying to leave my reading open as much as possible, to give myself the freedom to just pick up whatever I feel like reading at that particular moment, with no (or few) specific goals to accomplish.

Having said that, I AM a reading challenge addict so I will be signing up for a few... I'll keep track of them in this post; here's what I'm signed up for in 2010 (so far):

1% Well-Read Challenge
2010 Countdown Challenge
Graphic Novels Challenge
Women Unbound

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Lezlie said...

You may have to cut down, but your first choices sure are good ones!