Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Challenges

Housekeeping post...

The 30 I finished:

100+ Reading Challenge
1st in a series
2nds Challenge
Bang Bang Book Challenge
Banned Book Challenge
Casual Classics
Centuries Challenge
Chick Lit 2
Childhood Favorites
Classics Challenge
Dewey's Books
Genre Challenge
Graphic Novels Challenge
In their shoes
It's the End of the World... As We Know It
Jewish Literature Challenge
Lost in Translation
New Authors
Once Upon a Time III
Orbis Terrarum
Romance Reading Challenge
Suspense and Thriller Challenge
Themed Reading Challenge
War through the Generations
Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge
What an Animal!
What's in a Name 2
YA Romance Challenge
Young Adult Challenge

And the 30 I didn't manage... although I was close to finishing a lot of them! :-)

999 Challenge
A-Z Challenge
Audiobook Challenge
Battle of the Prizes
Book Awards II
Book Awards 3
Celebrate the Author
Countdown Challenge
Decades 2009
Dewey Decimal Challenge
Eco Reading Challenge
Erotica Romance
Every Month is a Holiday
Japanese Literature II
Latin American Reading Challenge
My Year of Reading Dangerously
Naming Conventions
New Classics Challenge
Non-Fiction Five Challenge
Numbers Challenge
Political History Challenge
Pub Challenge
Rescue Challenge
Science Book Challenge
Southern Reading Challenge
Spiritually Speaking Challenge
Support Your Local Library
TBR Challenge
Whitcoulls Challenge
World Citizen Challenge


Lezlie said...

Wow! You did a great job!


Melody said...

You did well! :)

joanna said...

Lezlie - thanks! :-)

Melody - thanks to you too! :-)