Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What can I say about Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, the book that everyone is raving about? According to Nymeth, I shouldn't be saying much at all - members of the Fingersmith club don't disclose any details. There's a good reason for this too - the twists in the plotline are so great that it would totally ruin the book for you if I haven't read it yet and I talked too much.

So just a couple of words on my general impressions. As a rule, I don't normally like books set in 19th century London. I don't know what it is, but I never really care for the squalor and filth. Fingersmith is set there though and I must say that I got over my prejudice, at least to a certain extent. The squalor and filth are still there, of course, but the characters are more real than others I have encountered from that time. Not really likeable, but at least real and believable.

I could not see most of the twists coming, which was great. Sarah Waters certainly has a way with plotlines - are her other books like this too?

I didn't absolutely love it like so many of you out there did, but I enjoyed it enough to recommend it to others. Do you like suspense and enjoy creative writing and strong characters? Then pick this up, I think it's worth reading.

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Ana S. said...

I'm glad someone else managed not to see the twists coming :P Everyone I recommend it to told me it was totally obvious, which made me feel rather dense :P

Anonymous said...

This was my introduction to Sarah Waters and I absolutely loved it. The twists and turns had me begging for more, and I just couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Was actually disappointed when the book ended.

Am glad you enjoyed it, even if it wasn't as much as everyone else. I've read The Little Stranger, but I don't think that was a patch on Fingersmith. Plan to read Night Watch and Affinity this year - heard they're better than Little Stranger, so, I'm feeling optimistic.

Melody said...

This book has been sitting on my pile for ages, hehe. I hope to read it this year!

joanna said...

Nymeth - I'm like that with films too, I never even try to guess, to me the not knowing is a big part of the fun!

anothercookie - I have Affinity waiting for me this year too!

Melody - hope you like it when its turn comes!

Unknown said...

Fingersmith is one of my favourite books, so I'm sad you didn't love it as much as I did. I am a massive fan of a good, twisting plot though, so I am pleased that you appreciated it - not sure how anyone can guess all of them in that book!

Iliana said...

I've only read two of her books but have loved them so Fingersmith is definitely on my list. Glad you enjoyed it and tried a setting that you normally don't choose. I love going out of my reading comfort zone and finding some gems.

Aarti said...

I think I'm like you. I enjoyed this story, but didn't LOVE it the way so many did. I thought the foreshadowing was too heavy in the first part. It made me very impatient to just KNOW what would happen.

I preferred Affinity to Fingersmith myself, but someone commented on either my post of that review or Kailana's that Fingersmith is so much more complex that she couldn't imagine liking Affinity more. *blush* Guess I'm simple!

Aarti said...

Sorry, that last comment makes it seem that the commenter on my review was snarky. She totally wasn't! She hasn't even read Affinity, so obviously couldn't have been snarky.

Just wanted to clarify!

Kailana said...

I really enjoyed this book! I hope you read more Waters. And, um, I am one of the people that apparently made Ana feel dense... lol I didn't see all the twists, but some were rather obvious to me!