Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence

These are the second and third books in Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy. I read the first one, Morrigan's Cross, last year and really enjoyed it. I liked these too - the whole story is about an epic battle between humanity and vampires. There are evil vamps, a good vamp (of the Angel variety), witches, princesses, fairies, dragons and lost worlds. Oh and lots of Celtic mythology, which I love. What more could I want from a quick, relaxing, fun read?

Nora Roberts is a romance writer and I'm not a big romance fan so have not read anything else of hers. In fact, the romance scenes in these books annoyed me too so clearly I haven't changed my mind. I did love the settings and the characters and all the magic though!

I'm almost caught up with my reviews! Yay! :-)

At the moment I'm reading something completely different, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. I haven't read such beautiful writing in quite some time. I'm loving all the people and the depth of characterization is truly astounding. I still have about a third to go but I think I can safely say that Strout will be added to my list of favorite authors.

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