Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn

I really need to keep up with my reviews. I no longer remember my impressions! I liked The Ivt Chronicles, it was an enjoyable, entertaining, satisfying light read.

The story is about high-flying Ivy, living the good life in Manhattan, in a super-high-paying job and able to afford anything she could ever dream of. Then it all collapses and she is suddenly single, unemployed and forced to move to a cheaper neighborhood, where her kids actually have to attend the local school. Horror of horrors. Not surprisingly, the normal life grows on her (albeit slowly) and she learns to appreciate the small things in life.

The style is funny and engaging, the characters are likeable, if you need a light summer read, this could be it!

Challenges: 2010 Countdown Challenge, What's in a Name 3

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