Friday, March 28, 2008

Girls Under Pressure

I finished Jacqueline Wilson's book Girls Under Pressure in no time - but to be fair it's for the teenage demographic and not very long!

I liked it! It's about a girl named Ellie who overhears someone calling her fat and decides that she needs to lose weight - now. It's a really good way of talking about eating disorders, I think. I'm nowhere near being a teenager, but I got the feeling that it all sounded natural enough and I believe that the books are quite popular with early teenage girls.

Even though it's not meant for my age group, I could relate because I haven't conquered the eating/food issues that started going wonky in my head so many years ago. I've never had a serious eating disorder, but my relationship with food is anything but healthy and I've always been overweight. I'm glad I read this book now because it reminded me of some of the basics that should be part of my attitude towards food. And since I'm striving to be a healthier person, finally, going back to basics is a good thing.

I don't really have any teenage girls in my environment, but if I did they'd be getting some presents from me! I'm giving it 5 stars simply because I really enjoyed it!

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