Friday, May 16, 2008

The Boy on the Bus

Deborah Schupack's novel got a lot of good reviews because it was original and well-written. The story is about Meg Landry and her son Charlie - the boy that gets on the bus in the morning, her asthmatic little boy, is not the same one that comes home after school. At least he doesn't appear to be. The book tells us about how Meg and the rest of the family handle this new situation.

The tone of the book is quiet and calm, despite the emotional subject matter. I also found it a bit desperate. The writing is light but the book makes the reader feel heavy. At least it did that with me.

When I finished it, I wasn't sure that I understood it! I think I do now, so maybe it just needed some time to be digested. Nevertheless, it wasn't the same book that I was looking forward to, somehow I'd expected something completely different. And I can't say that it was fantastic, only OK.

Let me know if you're read and reviewed it and I'll link to your review!

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