Monday, May 26, 2008

Jennifer Government

What a horrible future is presented in Max Barry's Jennifer Government! What if we actually are heading for such a world? It's not impossible... A world where people's last names are the companies they work for; where companies own everything, from schools to hospitals. A world where you can't get an ambulance to come if you don't have a credit card from the right company. Where absolutely everything is about money.
This is one of those books that will stay with me, I think. It's incredibly original and it's not only the big ideas that are good, the story is entertaining too. I cared about at least some of the characters and I really liked how their lives came together in the end.

I think the author is a hoot. I've never before used this phrase, but I can't find anything more approrpaite here. Even his foreword and acknowledgements made me laugh. Check out his website, which I just found out is also hilarious! And his latest novel, Company, may just have to go on my list!

Challenges: A-Z Challenge... and that's it! Still worth reading though! :-)

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