Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Murder on a Girls' Night Out and some Polish reading too

I found out about Anne George's mystery series starring two Southern sisters from Joy's blog - she called the sisters delightful and I was intrigued. She was right. I don't read mysteries often, but the first book Murder on a Girls' Night Out was really very enjoyable. Maybe because I really liked the characters and a lot of the book was about them and not only about the murder. Very definitely recommended. Challenges: A-Z Challenge, Southern Reading Challenge

I also finished my first Polish novel of the year - yay me! The title (Tego lata w Zawrociu) translates as That summer in Zawrocie; the book is by Hanna Kowalewska. The story is about a woman who inherits a large mansion from her grandmother, who she didn't really get along with. Throughtout the book, the main character tries to get to know her grandmother through the things she left behind and to figure out why she was chosen to inherit her house. It was enjoyable and I think I'll be less scared to read something else in Polish - I really want to, I'm afraid that otherwise I won't have much contact with the language. 'Polish books' is one of my categories for the 888 Challenge, so at least I got a bit further with that!


Thoughts of Joy said...

Hey Joanna! I'm glad you gave these sisters a try. :) I think my latest was the second in this series and I enjoyed it more than the first.

joanna said...

Hi Joy! I will definitely be reading the second one because I already bought it, thinking it was the first. I'm really glad I liked the series enough to continue reading! ;-)