Monday, September 1, 2008


I finished Ian McEwan's Amsterdam during my vacation - it was fairly easy to read, but I didn't find it very engrossing. I didn't really care about the characters - three men who meet again at the funeral of a woman who was dear to all three. I wanted to finish it though because I was curious what the title meant and you only find that out towards the end of the book. That was kinda cool as endings go, but Amsterdam can't possibly be McEwan's best. The only other book of his that I read was Atonement and that was way better.

Amsterdam won the Man Booker Prize in 1998 - I haven't read anything off the shortlist so can't say if I thought they were better. Maybe one of you has?

Challenges: Man Booker Challenge, 10 out of 100 out of 1001, 888 Challenge, A-Z Challenge, Seconds 2008 (I'm counting it even though I finished in August, technically)

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