Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Witches of Eastwick

I so wanted to like John Updike's book, but I'm afraid that here was another book that I simply couldn't finish... The story of the three divorced witches living in a small Rhode Island town and what happens when a more powerful magus than them moves in close by just didn't grab me. I managed 100 pages but only because I forced myself - even after 50 I could see that I didn't like Updike's style, nor did I care about the characters at all.

I've been very lucky with my reading choices this year and it's rare that I don't finish a book, but when I found I was making excuses not to read, I had to stop this and pick up something else... I'm willing to watch the film though, it's so famous that I'm curious.

Did any of you read it and like it?

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Lezlie said...

That's a bummer, Joanna. I've wanted to read this since the movie came out. Maybe I'll get around to it eventually anyway and let you know if I felt the same way. :-)


Mari said...

I have never read this but have seen the movie.
Actually, I don't think I have ever read anything by Updike.

joanna said...

Lezlie - do let me know, i'd be curious.

Mari - what was the movie like?