Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Time For Goodbye

Reading a thriller like this, a real page-turner, makes me think that I don't read enough of them. Linwood Barclay's story claims to fly off the pages and it does, great reading to get your mind off other serious things.

From the cover: "You wake up. Your house is empty. Your family has disappeared without a trace...". I guessed part of what was going on, but only because the back cover says something about the killer's 'shocking identity', so I started putting the most unlikely candidates in the murderer role and came up with something that made sense.

Anyway, if you like these sorts of books then this is a good one to add to your list. Has anyone read anything else by this author? Worth getting?

Challenges: 2010 Countdown Challenge, Every Month is a Holiday, R.I.P. IV, Suspense and Thriller Challenge


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this one too! I haven't read anything else written by him yet, but plan to at some point - let me know if you find anything good!

joanna said...

farmlanebooks - I sure will! :-)

Thoughts of Joy said...

I read this one and Fear the Worst. I thought they were both very good. :) Too Close to Home is on my iPod and my TBR Shelf. I'm fairly certain I will like that one, too.

1morechapter said...

I've thought about reading Linwood Barclay for the Canadian Challenge. It seems that he's pretty popular. Glad you liked it!

joanna said...

Joy - I'll try Fear the Worst, thanks!

3M - Yeah, he'd be a nice quick read to add to the challenge, hope you like it.