Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Cooking: Lemon chicken with chickpeas

I recently realized that, no matter how good our intentions, it's simply not possible for us to cook meals on weeknights. Which means that either we live on frozen convenience foods like 'fish and chips' or we get take aways. The only solution for us is to batch-cook at the weekend so that we have nice things to eat during the week.

Setting aside a few hours at the weekend for cooking doesn't always work, but we try. This weekend we managed and this lemon chicken with chickpeas is one of the things we made. This is my entry into this week's Weekend Cooking event hosted by Beth Fish Reads, as well as my first entry into January's Whip up something new! challenge. Did you make anything yummy this weekend? Blog about and post a link!

This came out very good and I'm looking forward to having it with some rice some evening this week. Plus it takes no time to make, such a plus! The recipe is out of my stash of pages torn out of magazines, though this one is glued into a notebook, inspired by Trish. It's likely to be from BBC Good Food magazine, I almost always buy that one.

Lemon chicken with chickpeas

Serves 4, suitable for freezing

1tbsp sunflower oil
1 onion, halved and thinly sliced
4 skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
1 cinnamon stick, broken in half
1 tsp each ground coriander and cumin
grated rind and juice of one lemon
400g can chickpeas, drained
200ml chicken stock
250g bag spinach

Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the onion gently for 5 minutes. Turn up the heat, add the chicken and fry for 4 minutes, until golden. Stir in the spices and lemon rind, fry for one more minute, then tip in the chickpeas and stock. Put the lid on and simmer for 5 minutes. Season, then tip in the spinach and re-cover. Leave to wilt for 2 minutes, then stir. Squeeze over the lemon juice just before serving.


Beth F said...

Now that sounds easy and healthful and good. I don't always have fresh spinach in the house but I do usually have frozen.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I have never had chickpeas. Not even really sure what they are! But it sound delicious.

Cooking during the week is tough and I have no idea how I'll manage with a little one--as it is we usually don't eat until 9:00! I try to make things that will stretch another night, but even still...!

Ana S. said...

This sounds delicious! I love chickpeas and lemon. I'll have to try next weekend :)

(And Trish! What about hummus? Falafel? All made with delicious chickpea yumminess! You are so missing out. I couldn't live without chickpeas :P)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I've had hummus but not Falafel (that I know of). Like hummus OK but not something I'll go out of my way to make or eat. I know, I'm a weirdo. ;)

Suko said...

This recipe sounds wonderful. I love lemon chicken, and I am also a fan of chickpeas (a.k.a., garbanzo beans). Perfect combo, I think. :)

joanna said...

Beth F - I was super-organised this week and chose my recipes before going to the store, so I got fresh spinach specifically for this. Im sure it'll be just as good if you use frozen!

Trish - I think they're called garbanzo beans in the States... I use them all the time, I add them to curries and soups for protein, as we don't eat that much meat. And try the batch cooking and freezing - it'll take the stress out of dinner time!

Nymeth - it's nice and healthy, perfect for a mid-week meal. I love chickpeas too - ooh you reminded me how much I love falafel!

Suko - I agree, it's a great combo!

elise said...

This sounds great. Especially the addition of cinnamon. What a great flavor combination.

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Yhamm! It does look good. I also wanted to cook something for the Whip up this weekend but laziness just kicked in… Next weekend, promise :)

JoAnn said...

I love this combination! I'm a day late in planning menus for the week (we had a Monday holiday), but I'll be trying it this week!

Erin said...

YUM! This looks absolutely delicious...thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

This sounds really good. I love chickpeas too. The spices seem like a great combo too. Thanks.

joanna said...

Elise - I adore cinnamon and will happily add it to loads of dishes... I like it with meat, they add it in Lebanese cooking for example.

Alexandra - where's that recipe? :-)

JoAnn - Let me know how you liked it! I froze mine and we'll be having it for dinner this week so I'll see what it's like as an actual meal.

Erin - Looks like sharing recipes was a good idea in our book blogging world!

Michelle - chickpeas are great, aren't they? You can add them to anything and make a balanced meal!