Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eat. Live. Be. - Aromatic Tomato Sauce

The idea of weekly posts is great because it's just too easy to ignore your goals... especially in December, when parties and cocktails and lunches abound. No that I've been following any of my rules or thinking about health really. Today, for example, I had a Christmas lunch at work, one that lasted three hours, and tonight one of my best friends is coming over with thai take-away. Yesterday was my 35th birthday and I'm still celebrating! :-)

Of course, since any changes you make to your lifestyle have to be sustainable, you can't get too upset when you're not super-healthy during periods like this. So I'm not getting upset, but I am trying to make good choices where I can.

This week we're supposed to be sharing inspiration we get online. Most of mine comes from BBC Good Food. The site is easy to use and has recipes for pretty much all occasions. The one I want to share with you today is this one for Lamb Kofte Tagine. I made this amazing tomato sauce to go with store bought lamb meatballs, but I would also make it with chicken or with bean burgers of some kind. It's aromatic and oh so tasty. Not to mention healthy. :-)

Anyway, off I go to enjoy my Thai take-away and catch up with my friend. If you want healthy inspiration, visit the Eat. Live. Be. Facebook page and see what's inspiring others.


Cate said...

Every day is a new day - happy belated birthday!

Larissa said...

Thanks for the BBC Good Food link. I didn't know it, and they have a nice vegan section. Makes me hungry already!

Joanne said...

That tomato sauce sounds delicious! And I agree with's not about the choices we make on a single day but the ones we make overall. Just do the best when you can!