Monday, March 31, 2008

Soup's On!

When I saw that Ex Libris came up with a challenge that combined reading and cooking I was over the moon - the Soup's On challenge is totally my kind of thing! Like Ex Libris, I am a cookbook addict. I love, absolutely love, looking at recipes and buy cookbooks way too often. Maybe I should take a photo of my 'cooking shelves' so you all can see for yourselves... otherwise you might not believe how big my problem really is! :-)

OK, so everything about this challenge is brilliant, but one of the big things for me is that it's got me thinking about cooking again - and with that came the motivation to put some effort into my other blog, Lost in the Kitchen. I haven't been paying much attention to it until recently and now I started again I plan to continue. I'll be posting about this challenge on that blog too and my recipes will be reviewed over there, while the books themselves will be reviewed here. I hope that will work.

The challenge is this: select 6 cookbooks to read and make a recipe from each. My list of possibles is below, although I might change my mind! Check out the challenge blog for full details and to sign up.

1. WeightWatchers' Take Out Tonight
2. Vegetarian Supercook by Rose Elliot
3. The Student Cookbook (Hamlyn)
4. Jamie's Dinners by Jamie Oliver
5. The 30-Minute Cook by Nigel Slater
6. Feast by Nigella Lawson
7. The Ethnic Paris Cookbook by Charlotte Puckette and Olivia Kiang-Snaije
8. Indian Food Made Easy by Anjum Anand


olivia and charlotte said...

Dear Joanna,
Many thanks for putting our book on your list, we're delighted you like it and hope that with the TGV you can get to Paris to try some of the restaurants we mention in the Ethnic Paris Cookbook.
All the best

joanna said...

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for stopping by, how cool!
I bought the book while in Paris a few weeks ago - it was too beautiful to resist, I mean it.