Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wyrd Sisters

I'm surprised to report that I finished this pretty quickly and enjoyed it! I have tried to like Terry Pratchett so many times, but this is the first book of his that I actually finish. I'm not sure why - judging by my other interests and tastes, I should love everything he writes!

Wyrd Sisters is about three witches in the Discworld - it's the sixth or seventh book in the series but it's the one that introduces the witch characters so I thought I'd start with this one rather than the real first one. The story itself isn't spectacular or anything, but Pratchett's writing truly is fantastic. He uses so many references, so many joeks - I'm sure that I missed half of them and was still amused. It's intelligent writing and I like that.

Everything I read these days gets 4 stars and I'm waiting for a 5-star book. I was hesitating with Wyrd Sisters so it gets 4.5. :-)


Lezlie said...

Hi, Joanna! I *love* Terry Pratchett, but the Witch books are not usually my favorites. Nor are the ones with Death's daughter, Susan. I go for the ones starring the Night Watch. Samuel Rhimes, Carrot, Nobby, I love those guys!! "Feet of Clay" comes to mind as one I really enjoyed. Also, the real early ones with Rincewind the Wizard and his companion, Luggage. Those still make me smile!


joanna said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I was thinking of starting the series from the beginning with Color of Magic, but that won't be for a while considering all the other stuff I want to get through!