Friday, February 1, 2008

All That Jazz

I bought this film a really long time ago because it was on sale and because I love musicals. Then someone told me that it wasn't your typical musical, that it wasn't that happy, and I've been kind of avoiding watching it ever since. What a mistake!

All That Jazz tells the life story of Bob Fosse, who, it turns out, was one of the most famous directors and choreographers on Broadway. Fosse co-wrote and directed this portrayal of his life - and I guess tried to show the dark side of show business. The dark side comes through and it is beautifully filmed, proved by the many awards for cinematography and editing that the movie received.

One of the things that I really love about blogging about books I read and movies I watch is that it makes me want to find out more about the context and the people involved. So I looked up Bob Fosse and found out that he received an academy award for directing Cabaret ans is also behind Chicago! and Sweet Charity, two of my favorite musicals. Apparently, he was even planning to make a film version of Chicago! with Madonna in it, long before the version we now know came to be. Oh and he was involved with Ann Rainking, who plays his girlfriend in All That Jazz and who also played Grace Farrell in the 1982 movie version of Annie. How's that for interesting connections? I would have never read up on this if it weren't for blogging and I'm so glad I did!

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