Thursday, February 28, 2008

Under the Duvet

Marian Keyes' is a well-known Irish writer of women's fiction. I'm sure I've read something of hers in the past and I have something else waiting on the shelf for when I feel like something light. This book, Under the Duvet, is something different though, it's a collection of some short pieces of writing, mostly journalistic in style. Over the years, Marian Keyes had been asked to contribute to all kinds of Irish newspapers and magazines on all sorts of topics. Some of the pieces included in this book are such assignments and others are previously unpublished.

I enjoyed reading it - it's the sort of book you can dip into and out of easily, the pieces are short enough to sit down for a few minutes, read one and then move on to something else. I'd been reading it in bed, actually. Keyes' style is light and chatty - and very, very Irish. I am partial to the Irish style though, I find it funny and real, and it helps that I have it at home every day since my partner is Irish.

Anyway, I'd recommend the book for some light amusing reading and insight into the Irish mind. 4 stars from me and I hope to remember to read one of her novels at some point soon.

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