Friday, February 8, 2008

Annie Hall

We finally watched 'Annie Hall' last night. I say 'finally' because it's been on our shelf for about a year, I think. I'm not sure why we hadn't watched it till now - and even last night it was only our second choice, we started out watching Underworld but gave up about 20 minutes into it, so boring!

'Annie Hall' is Woody Allen's film from 1977 and is on my Movies by Decade challenge list. The plot is basically what happens in the relationship between neurotic New Yorker Alvy Singer (the typical Woody Allen character) and his girlfriend Annie Hall (played by Diane Keaton). The relationship itself isn't that interesting, but the way the characters act, react and phrase things is excellent. The writing is brilliant, as in so many other Woody Allen films. And I'm a sucker for good writing.

The film won 4 Oscars in 1977! Best Picture, Best Writing, Best Director and Best Actress in a Leading Role. It also won 5 BAFTAs and loads of others. It was competing against Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Turning Point, The Goodbye Girl. I always like to put these things in context!

This film's a keeper, I'm sure I'll watch it again. 'Underworld' is not getting a second chance though. I find it strange that a film where nothing really happens is more entertaining than an action-loaded film.

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