Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I read Rebecca Wells' book about a complicated mother-daughter relationship a long time ago and loved it - so well-written, such a great story, it made me want to re-visit my girlhood friendships. If you haven't read it, this is one that I think should be on everyone's list.

I watched the movie a long time ago too, but watched it again last night - even though it's not on any of my lists! The first time I saw it was right after I finished the book and I was so excited to go through the story again. I was disappointed because the writing was much more powerful than came through on film - than could ever come through, I suppose. Although I loved Sandra Bullock as Siddha, she's one of my favorite actresses! Anyway, last night I enjoyed the film much more - it's good, entertaining, heart-warming, but not too cheesy. It's nicely filmed, well-acted and has some really cool music. I guess you shouldn't really compare books to movies anyway.

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