Monday, November 10, 2008

Book Bloggers Christmas Swap 2008

Nymeth and Dewey are organising this year's edition of the book bloggers' version of Secret Santa. Yay! I love the Christmas season and am so excited that my love of the book blogosphere will be included in the general joy.

For details, visit here.

As my first year of blogging is coming to an end, I'm thinking about all the wonderful things it's brought me - so many great bookish friends all over the world, so many additions to my TBR list, broadened horizons as I've discovered books I never would have picked up, events like the Read-a-thon and the Christmas Swap. This online community is truly amazing and I'm very grateful to have found it and to have become part of it.

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Ana S. said...

Thanks for joining and for helping spread the word, Joanna!

I'm very glad to have found this community as well :)