Saturday, November 29, 2008

A-Z Challenge Completed!

I just finished Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a special edition of the stories, with beautiful illustrations by Felix O.C. Darley. It was my 'I author' for the A-Z Challenge hosted by Joy of Thoughts of Joy and the last book I needed to complete my list.

The stories were ok. I'm sure we studied them at school, but I couldn't remember the details. I think that I understand a lot more of Rip van Winkle now - what with the world changing so much all the time. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow made me want to see the film. Is that bad? I guess neither affected me that much, but they were entertaining. And I liked all the Dutch elements.

What affects me lots more is the fact that I finished one of my biggest challenges of the year a month early! Yay for me! :-) I had so much fun trying to fit books into this one and I discovered so many books that I may not have got to otherwise. An X author, a Z author - go check out my full list to see what else I read. The challenge included 52 books and there were way too many good ones to be able to pick favorites, so I won't even try.

I'll definitely be doing this again next year!


Ana S. said...

yay! Well done, Joanna :) About Irving, I actually prefer Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow to the story itself :P SO I don't think that's bad at all.

Lezlie said...

Absolutely yay for you! And I'm with Nymeth. Sleepy Hollow was fabulous!


joanna said...

Thanks Nymeth and Lezlie - now I'm definitely renting Sleepy Hollow soon!