Monday, November 17, 2008

A Concise Chinese- English Dictionary for Lovers

I bought Xiaolou Guo's book at the beginning of the year to have an X author for the A-Z challenge. It sounded really good - unique story from a Chinese perspective. I wanted to like it so much I saved it and saved it to make the anticipation last longer. But I just didn't like it, no matter how hard I tried.

I really didn't like the main character. She annoyed me. Really annoyed me. I thought she was whiny and I can't really stand whiny. As the story progressed she got less whiny and more wise, but I just didn't believe that it was happening that way. Her character developed in ways that didn't make sense to me.

Plus I thought that a lot of the jokes were forced. I felt that the author was actually trying to insert a certain number of national identity related jokes at certain intervals. Some of the were amusing, yes, but they still seemed to belong to a different story.

Because I didn't find the characters or their actions believable, I didn't really care about them. That's never good.

It's such a shame, because I think that the author's idea was fantastic. I just think that the development of the idea could have been a lot stronger.

Challenges: A-Z Challenge, Orbis Terrarum Challenge

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