Friday, February 22, 2008


I LOVE this book. And Neil Gaiman. He's a genius. I don't like all fantasy books, but his writing is superb and his storylines a great - read American Gods, if you don't believe me.

Young Tristran Thorne promises to bring a fallen star to the woman he loves. Thing is, the fallen star landed in Fairie, on the other side of the wall. So Tristran goes on an adventure and finds that the star is not a piece of rock but a person. Together they travel through Fairie - through a strange and dangerous world - and come out of the journey different people.

It's a fairytale for adults - Not for kids as there are some scary things that happen and because of "one rude word in incredibly small type"- these are Neil Gaiman's own words, there is an interview with him at the end of the book. :-)

I give it 5 stars and can't wait to read something of his again.


Joy said...

I don't like fantasy at all and I actually thought Coraline was okay. :) Your review really makes me rethink my decision. (I decided I tried twice and that was enough.)

joanna said...

Joy - I'm not a huge fantasy fan either, although I like things like Harry Potter. But this one's worth reading. As is American Gods, but that's a long book so more of a time investment... I hope you try Gaiman again! ;-)

Shelley said...

The profanity in small type cracked me up for some reason! It was such a feel good book for me. I'm planning on trying something else by him soon.

joanna said...

Chain Reader - the only other one I've read so far is American Gods - it's on a whole other level, amazing.

Anonymous said...

I like this book too, have you seen the movie to compare the two.

I linked to your review, and you can find mine here --

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)