Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Improvement Project: Blog Post Bingo Wrap-up

The Blog Improvement Project over at Kim's at Sophisticated Dorkiness encourages us to branch out to make our blogs more attractive and more popular with readers. The latest assignment was Blog Post Bingo, which asked us to post different kinds of posts in the past couple of weeks. I joined late and only managed a few - but I'm still glad I joined since it opened my eyes to kinds of posts that I don't do often but which do add some spice to a blog.

I managed the following:

A Link Post - I posted about giveaways which are open to international bloggers and decided to make it a permanent feature. I was glad to see that others found it a good idea too!

A List Post - I participated in the letter game that's been going around. Fun!

Plus several review posts (of course) and a giveaway post to end the challenge I was hosting.

Not tragic, but I was hoping to do better! On to the next assignment!

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