Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Rid of Matthew

What a fun book! Jane Fallon's Getting Rid of Matthew was the perfect chicklit - believable characters, interesting plot, romance, man problems and career problems too. Not simplistic but not too serious either. Perfect for this genre.

Helen is dating Matthew for four years. The only problem is that Matthew is married to Sophie and has two daughters and he doesn't want to leave them. When he finally does, Helen realises that this is not what she wants and she does her best to get rid of him and get her life back. How does she do this? By using a fake identity and befriending Sophie of course. :-)

I really enjoyed this, as I do most intelligent chick lit. I'm definitely going to read anything else Jane Fallon writes - she gives Sophie Kinsella a run for her money!

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serendipity_viv said...

I'm glad you liked it - this one is in my TBR pile.

joanna said...

Scrap Girl - Hope you enjoy it!

Unknown said...

I listened to the audio book version of this, and it worked really well - very funny. The characters were a bit too annoying for me, but it was pretty good.