Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last year's challenges

When I did my post on my favorite books read in 2008, I didn't include any information about challenges. So here it is!

I completed 27 and failed to complete 2. Although not by much! :-)

I failed to complete these:
1. 100+ Reading Challenge
2. 888 Challenge

1. 1% Well-Read Challenge
2. 10 out of 100 out of 1001
3. 342,745 Ways to Herd Cats
4. A-Z Challenge
5. Banned Books Challenge
6. Book to Movie Challenge
7. Chick Lit Challenge
8. Chunkster Challenge
9. Classics Challenge
10. Decades '08 Challenge
11. Eponymous Challenge
12. Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
13. Initials Reading Challenge
14. Lit Flicks Challenge
15. Man Booker Challenge
16. Mythopoeic Challenge
17. Non-Fiction Five Challenge
18. Novella Challenge
19. Numbers Challenge
20. Once Upon a Time II
21. Orbis Terrarum Challenge
22. R.I.P. III
23. Seconds 2008
24. Southern Reading Challenge
25. Spring Reading Challenge
26. Title Master Reading Challenge
27. Unread Authors

I've pretty much joined all the challenges going for 2009 so we'll see how I do. :-)


Lezlie said...

Awesome! That's a lot of Challenges to finish up. I'm surprised you didn't break the 100 mark with all of that. 2009 is your year!! :-)


Unknown said...

You did great! Good luck with challenges in 2009. I think I might steal your button on the left, about being addicted to challenges...I seem to be addicted myself.

Ana S. said...

I hereby officially crown you Challenge Queen :P

Kailana said...

It amazes me how many challenges people are in!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, and triple wow! You did great!!

Lynda said...

Wow you did really well last year. Well done ;0)