Wednesday, February 11, 2009

International Giveaways

I love giveaways. They are such an amazing example of the generosity and community spirit of the book blogging world. Plus you get to find out about some really cool books. And maybe win one once in a while. ;-)

My problem, living in Belgium, is finding giveaways that are open to international participants. Most are open to US and Canadian residents only - completely understandable of course. But I'd like to minimize the disappointment of going through giveaway posts only to find out that there isn't anything I can enter.

So I decided to regularly make a list of current giveaways open to international bloggers. Obviously I will be helped by the various bloggers who publicize giveaways on their blogs, such as Teddy Rose who publishes a very extensive list. But I thought a filter would be useful not only for me, but also to some of the others worldwide.

So - here is what's going on this week. I'll add onto this as I find more. I'll try to post every Monday. Good luck!

Raidergril3 is celebrating two years of blogging by giving away a book from the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery. She is actually from PEI so getting one of the Anne books from her would be extra-special! The contest closes on 12 February so hurry - enter here. Happy Bloggoversary Raidergirl! :-)

Steph Su was enchanted by the lovely new books at a Barnes and Noble and has decided that the winner of her contest will receive any YA book that's being released in February. Wow! And she decided to have the contest open to everyone since it's harder to get our hands on books in some places. Generous! :-) The deadline is 12 February so hurry on over - details are here.

Carrie from Carrie's YA Bookshelf is a very new blogger but already wants to share the love. Yay! She's giving away 3 great sounding YA books with a supernatural twist. She doesn't specify anything about international entries, so for now I'm assuming they're allowed. See all details here - her contest ends on 28 February.

Dar of Peeking Between the Pages is giving away Cassandra and Jane by Jill Pitkeathly and throwing in a copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice too. Her contest's deadline is on 18 February - enter here.

Katrina from Stone Soup is giving away at least one autographed copy of The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Enter here before 15 February.

Megan from Po(sey) Sessions is celebrating her birthday by giving away some gift certificates. So generous, considering that she should be the one getting presents! Check out the details here - the deadline is 15 February.

Linda from You're History is giving away a copy of Bloodprint by Kitty Sewell. She hasn't specified anything about international entries so for now I'm assuming it's ok! Enter here before 19 February.

Jill from The Magic Lasso is giving away a copy of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin, just in time for Valentine's Day. I for one have been wanting to read this for months now and I'm sure many of you have as well. Here's your chance - enter before 14 February.

Hmm... that's quite a few! More than what I expected to find! If you know of any others let me know and I'll add them in.


Ana S. said...

I love that you're doing this! My heart always sinks a little when I see a giveaway for a book I'd love to read only to realize at the last minute that I can't enter it. Especially if said book is hard to find here.

You know what I notice? Book bloggers are much more generous about sending books overseas than publishers. Most of the time it's publishers who impose those restrictions. Like you, I completely understand, because shipping can be very costly and these are hard times for everyone. But it's funny how it's almost always individuals rather than companies with more resources that are willing to go that extra mile.

Katknit said...

Thanks for the link to You're History!

serendipity_viv said...

What a fabulous idea - thank you for sharing. I always miss out on a lot too being in England. I can understand why they don't always send them out internationally though. I shall have a good look at the list and let you know if I see any that you don't have. Thanks again for this.

joanna said...

Nymeth - I noticed that too! Probably because I always want one of those Hachette boxes! :-)

Katknit - you're welcome!

ScrapGirl - glad to see there are more than just me who will benefit from this!

Marg said...

Totally agree! It is understandable, but a lot of the times the books that are restricted are hard to get outside of the US in the first place!

Great idea!

Maw Books said...

I agree that it is hard to get those freebies overseas. I can't do it 100% of the time with my own giveaways because of the cost. This will be a great feature. But the good news is that I'm also giving away a copy of Matrimony right now. Open internationally.

*Mom's Best Bets said...

Aloha I have a great apron giveaway open worldwide!