Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After reading Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl, I immediately ordered Sweethearts, the other book by this author and bloggers are enjoying. I wasn't disappointed.

Sweethearts is about Jennifer, who was brought up by a hard-working single Mom and who spent all her time with her best (and only) friend Cameron. Then there was an 'incident' at Cameron's house and Jennifer started to understand that Cameron's family life was very different to her own. She didn't really get to find out more though, because soon after that Cameron disappeared. Jennifer transformed herself into popular and attractive Jenna, the girl that she 'should' be. She was able to keep up the pretense until Cameron showed up in her life again and reminded her that who she really is is deeply hidden somewhere within.

I loved the identity aspect of this book. Although it's for a different audience, it addressed some of the same issues as The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller, which I read recently and loved. It adressed who we think we are and why we sometimes act like people we're not. It showed the importance that we put on being/feeling accepted, but also on being/feeling understood and truly known. These aren't issues that are only for teens, I'm sure many of us struggle with them . Another recommended book!

I finished this a few days ago, still in May, and it brings my May total to 16, which is the highest number of books I've EVER read in one month. I'm very pleased with myself right now. :-)

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Ana S. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And congrats on a great reading month :D

joanna said...

Thanks Nymeth! :-)

Kailana said...

Congrats on your reading month!

I read this in May, too!

joanna said...

Kailana - thanks!