Monday, December 22, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

My friend Larissa recommended this book to me - Anna Gavalda is a French writer and I probably would not have read this if it wasn't for Larissa, so thanks!

The story takes place in Paris and is basically about four people who come together by chance and pretty much save each other. They each have their own pain and insecurities to deal with and each of them somehow got lost in the world. Camille wanted to disappear so badly that she pretty much stopped eating; Philou actually belonged to another century and couldn't manage to co-exist with modern people; Franck felt so guilty about his Grandma that he lost himself in his work; and Paulette had too much trouble growing old and lonely... and too many secrets and regrets weighing her down. Somehow these four found each other and learned how to love and hope and live again.

I loved all four characters and was rooting for them all the way. I also loved how they interacted and what ended up being important in the end. Gavalda wrote a very uplifting book about how the simple things in life really matter and how it's worth it to figure out what you really want from life.

It was also nice to read something by a French writer. I believe that Gavalda has another novel out and I'll definitely be reading that at some point.

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Ana S. said...

I love the sound of this!

joanna said...

I think you would really like this one Nymeth, I really do.