Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Author Challenge

Literary Escapism is hosting the New Author Challenge for 2009, which runs all of 2009. Each participant can decide how many new authors they want to try. I won't set a number, just list some that I've been wanting to read for a while.

For the full rules and sign-ups, see the challenge post.

Completed: 17 as of 22 May 2009

Paul Auster
Octavia E. Butler - Kindred
Agatha Christie - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Douglas Coupland
Jane Fallon - Getting Rid of Matthew
Sue Grafton - A is for Alibi
Philippa Gregory
Shannon Hale - The Goose Girl
S.E. Hinton - The Outsiders
Barbara Kingsolver
Natsuo Kirino - Out
Lorna Landvik
Stephanie Meyer - Twilight
Rebecca Miller - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
Peggy Orenstein - Waiting for Daisy
Ann Patchett
Susan Beth Pfeffer - Life As We Knew It
Marjane Satrapi - The Complete Persepolis
Zadie Smith - On Beauty
H.G. Wells - The Time Machine
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Little House in the Big Woods
Xinran - The Good Women of China

Sara Zarr - Story of a Girl


Lezlie said...

This is a challenge that I'm really excited about this year. I've never counted the "new to me" authors I've read in a year. I signed up for 50. Yikes!


Lezlie said...

PS I think you'll really like Paul Auster!


joanna said...

Yeah, I think I will like him too! It's easy to do well with new authors if you're as swayed by other bloggers' reviews as I am. It's much harder for me to read stuff by authors I've read before! :-)