Monday, December 15, 2008

Two more challenges down!

The Seconds 2009 Challenge was hosted by Joy to make sure that we don't just stop at one book per author. There are so many authors that we discover and then forget to read more by. I loved the idea of this challenge. To see what I read, visit my original post. I think that my favorites were Kafka on the Shore and The Lollipop Shoes. Least favorite was definitely Amsterdam, I did not like that one at all!

The Chunkster Challenge was hosted by So many books, so little time and actually finishes on 17 December rather than at the end of the year so I'm writing this wrap-up post right on time! We were required to read 4 chunksters - I read many more... for the full list see my original post. I wanted to read some truly huge books but didn't manage. Still, the ones I read were long too so they counted anyway! All of them were fantastic so I'm not going to torure myself by trying to choose a favorite!

Thanks to both of you for hosting these fun challenges!


Louise said...

I am going to have a very busy winter and spring as I am finishing an MA-thesis, so I have had to put restraints on myself not signing up for any challenge I see. But I have to say that you have managed A LOT of challenges this year and I am like WOW!!! Well done :o)

Iliana said...

Congrats on finishing your challenges! Are you doing these again in 09?

Ana S. said...

Joanna, you are a challenge-completing machine these days :P

joanna said...

Bogsider - thanks! i respond well to challenges... if only they'd have a system like this for work! ;-)

Iliana - thanks! I seem to be doing anything that's going in 2009, so yes. :-) Are you being restrained?

Nymeth - I like that title! ;-) I still plan to finish the 888 this year but I believe that will be my last one for 2008.

Thoughts of Joy said...

Congratulations on completing the challenges! I'm glad you had some terrific reads. :)